A discussion with Pennsylvania Stands Up

    Wed., April 7, at 7:00 pm

    Online meeting: RSVP to info@water4grassroots.org to get the link.

The sharp conflicts that drove the presidential election and the Georgia Senate runoffs are still at the center of US political life.  We’ve won some key battles at a critical time—but voter suppression, racist violence, and a painful health & economic crisis are still very much with us.

    Can we build on those hard-won victories, and make this the start of something new?  Or will we see this opportunity slip away?  The work of grassroots organizations in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, or Arizona will provide a big part of the answer.

    On April 7 at 7pm, you’re invited to an online discussion with Pennsylvania Stands Up. We’ll hear from Lev Hirschhorn, PASU’s Director for Movement Politics, about lessons from Pennsylvania in 2020, the battles they’re facing today, and what PA Stands Up aims to achieve over the next couple of years. There’ll be time for questions, discussion, and reflecting on our own experiences talking with Pennsylvania voters last year.

    This the first in a series sponsored by Water For Grassroots, featuring a different swing-state organizing partner each time.  In May we’ll hear from New Georgia Project, currently fighting against a new wave of voter suppression legislation.  As we move into summer we’ll hear from local organizers about other states, such as Arizona, Florida or North Carolina.  All these states will be electing US Senators in 2022.

Help fight voter suppression in Georgia

     Take action here!

     In Georgia, Republican state legislators are pushing a wave of new laws that would make it harder for Black people to vote. The measures would also reduce voting by young people, poor people, and voters whose first language is not English. New Georgia Project Action Fund calls it “the worst attack on Georgia voting rights since Reconstruction, with over 50 bills...that would roll back every aspect of voting access.”

     Demand that Georgia-based corporations end campaign contributions to politicians who back voter suppression. In the past year, corporations like Delta Airlines, UPS, and Coca-Cola have taken out ads to declare that Black Lives Matter, and to praise the life of John Lewis. New Georgia Project Action Fund is asking us to contact these corporations and tell them to stop putting their money behind voter suppression. 

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