These local organizing groups know their communities, and they know how to reach people who might not otherwise vote. Volunteering with a grassroots group is one of the most effective ways you can help defeat Trump in November – and change the swing states for good.
        Sign up with one of our organizing partners at the links below. (In some phonebanks listed on this page, you can make calls in Spanish; click here to see these Spanish calling sessions listed together.)

Volunteer in Philadelphia to help get out the Early Vote:

With Seed The Vote and WFP: as many days as you can, through Nov. 3

Philadelphia has opened early voting centers across the city – and til Oct. 19, people can register to vote at these centers and cast a ballot right away. With the Philadelphia branch of the Working Families Party and our sister group Seed The Vote, we’re recruiting volunteers to spend a week or a few days in Philly, helping get out the early vote. (OK to come for a day, but longer stays preferred.)  Get info here, and sign up here.

Pennsylvania Stands Up: 

Phone calls to get out the vote to defeat Trump. Multiple daily shifts (2 hours). 

We'll be calling voters to make sure everyone is able to return their ballot or vote in person safely. All you need is a computer and internet connection! Sign up for a shift to make calls to defeat Donald Trump, win PA and build our movement!

Spanish-language calls to defeat Trump:  every Thurs 5-8pm

Call Pennsylvania voters en español to defeat Trump and build the grassroots movement for change.

Women's March to the Phones:  Wednesday 10/28 from 5-8pm

Women calling women!  PA may be decisive in the 2020 election, and women will play a decisive role in the outcome. Help call hundreds of thousands of women voters across Pennsylvania – in its cities, its suburbs, & on its farms.


Deep canvassing calls:  Shifts every day until Nov 3 (3 hours)

Deep canvassing calls to Pennsylvania voters:  These “deep canvassing” calls allow us to have longer, more personal conversations that really connect. A proven, effective way to engage & move voters. 

Get trained for phone calls:  Wednesday 10/28 at 4pm

There’s training at the start of each PA Stands Up phonebank. But if you want a more in-depth training session, join one of these.


Get trained for texting:  Tuesday 10/27 at 5pm 

After you’ve been trained, texts are available to send at different times throughout the week, both day and evening. 

Make The Road Action in PA:

Phone calls to voters:  October 27-30 from 5-8PM; Sat 10/31 & Sun 11/1 from 12-3PM

Phone calls to voters:  Thursday 10/20 at 6pm

Call voters with Make The Road Action in PA, to help elect progressive candidates and encourage people to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. A short training will be given at the start of each session.


New Florida Majority:

Phone calls to defeat Trump:  Tues 10/27 & Weds 10/28 at 5:30pm; Saturday 10/31 at 2pm; Mon 11/2 at 11 AM & 3:30PM;  (Eastern)

Call voters about the presidential race in a state that could shape the outcome. You can choose to make calls in either English or Spanish. For those new to phonebanking, there will be a short training at the start. 

LUCHA  (in Arizona):

Calls to Arizona voters: Tues 10/27 & Wed 10/28 at 8:30PM, Sat & Sun from 9pm to midnight (Eastern time)

Call Arizona voters about the elections for president and US Senate, & make sure folks have a plan to vote.

¡Llamadas en español!   martes, 27 de octubre, a las 8:30 pm (hora de Nueva York)

Únete con "Chingonxs de Cali" para llamar a lxs votantes en Arizona. ¡Arizona es un estado importante con una gran cantidad de votantes latinx! La sesión comenzará en Zoom con una capacitación rápida en espaňol.

Durham For All  (in North Carolina):

"Swing The State" calls: Mon, Tues, Thurs at 6-8pm; Sat & Sun 2-4pm

Durham For All’s “Swing the State” campaign is calling 17,000 people, mostly working-class people of color, who did not vote in 2016. The campaign aims to expand the anti-Trump electorate with a focus on downballot races, supporting candidates like Cheri Beasley for State Supreme Court Chief Justice and Cal Cunningham for US Senate.


Other organizing partners:

Bend The Arc Jewish Action

Calls & texts to Jewish voters in Florida: various dates between now and 11/2

Join the Vote Out Fear campaign and reach out to Jewish voters in Florida (or Georgia, & other potential swing states).

Seed the Vote

Take a Day for a Virtual Canvass: daily through November 2, starting at 1PM or 1:30PM 

Participate in a "remote canvass" and plug into a full day of activities from home to defeat Trump! This event has built-in community support. Each "remote canvass" includes 2 phone banks, with breaks in between to interact with other volunteers: we even have a toolkit to help you rest and recharge between sessions.

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