Organizing report from Arizona

    Tuesday, June 29, at 8:00 pm (Eastern time)

    Online meeting: Sign up here to get the Zoom link.

For more than a decade, Arizona has been a flashpoint in key US political conflicts. And 2021 is no different. To defend the right to vote, we need Democrats to eliminate the filibuster & pass the For the People Act. Local pressure on Arizona's Sen. Sinema is central to that fight.
     Join us for a discussion with LUCHA, a grassroots powerhouse that has done so much to transform Arizona. LUCHA did the grassroots work essential to flip Arizona & defeat Trump last year. Now it's pushing to end the filibuster, and gearing up for the fight over Senate control in 2022.
     LUCHA Organizing Director Stephanie Maldonado will share lessons from 2020, update us on LUCHA's strategy to defend voting rights, and discuss what lies ahead next year. Sign up now to get the Zoom link!  (
Co-sponsored by Seed The Vote and Water For Grassroots.)