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Can you help low-income volunteers get to Georgia?  Our organizing partners in Georgia – New Georgia Project Action Fund, Mijente, Asian American Advocacy Fund & and more – have asked us to recruit volunteers who can travel to Georgia, to expand local canvassing efforts and reach more voters. Helping to cover travel & hotel costs, for those can’t self-fund, allows us to send more people. It’s a way for your dollars to make a quick difference in the field. Time is short, and in the final days of the campaign this is our top priority for donations.

     This inter-state solidarity program is led by our sister group Seed The Vote. If you can afford a financial contribution, please donate here.

Up to now we've focused on raising funds for local power-building organizations in Georgia, and have raised more than $10,000 to support their work!  If you want to increase that total, here's the link.

Water For Grassroots is an all-volunteer group.  Donations to our operating costs are always welcome.

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