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With our partners Seed The Vote and PA Working Families Party, we’ve organized hundreds of volunteers from NY and elsewhere to help Philadelphians vote early. Now early voting is over and we’re in the final stretch of this election, going all out to get out the vote. On November 3 we’ll support voters as they stand in line, providing folding chairs, food and water, DJs and live bands!  


Here’s what volunteers will be doing before Election Day:

  • Participate in lit drops (not doorknocking)

    • You will be assigned a couple of blocks to drop literature about events, voting locations, and how to vote.

  • Ballot Chase

    • Getting voters to return their ballots they’ve received in the mail.

    • After October 27th, Early Voting Centers will still be open, but the only people who can get a ballot are voters who have already applied for a ballot before the 27th, but have not received their ballot.

    • Voters who registered to vote on the last day of voter registration (Oct 19) may not have received their ballots yet.

  • Persuade people to vote now!

    • If they already have a ballot, they can drop it off at the voting center now. There is no guarantee that they will be able to vote on November 3rd because of long lines and voter suppression. 

  • Vote Tripling

    • Ask voters who have just cast their ballots to text three friends and family members to vote too. 


If you’re interested, here’s how to learn more & sign up: